Federation Benefits

Insurance. Allows participating organizations of the Federation to offer liability and other optional insurance at a reduced rate to their members.

Community. Allows participating organizations to experience their relationship with a larger community and to come to know and respect that their actions affect each other.

Dealing with differences & finding commonalities. Helps participating organizations to better define their role in the world, while working together for the greater good of all.

Legislative Cooperation. Enables participating organizations to have a voice in the legislative process so they may effectively meet their goals.

Communication. Encourages participating organizations to deepen understanding of each other and to resolve conflict.

Leadership Support. Supports the leadership of participating organizations to learn from each other and benefit from each other’s experience.

Federation Committees

Joint Government Relations Committee Charter (JGRC). The JGRC is a committee of the Federation of Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork and Somatic Practice organizations which responds to arising needs in legislative arenas by encouraging development of working coalitions, and supporting those coalitions in discovering the appropriate process for their specific legislative needs.

JGRC Objectives:

To keep in mind the values of:

  • Protections and education of the public,
  • Freedom of qualified professionals to practice and to enjoy occupational mobility across geographic jurisdictions.
  • Freedom of choice for people seeking therapeutic massage, bodywork and somatic practices,
  • Recognition of the rich diversity within therapeutic massage, bodywork and somatic practices
  • Cooperation between member organizations in legislative venues.

To work toward:

  • Cooperation and resolution of issues at the local level,
  • Development of advisory relationships,
  • Learning from our common experiences,
  • Encouraging member organizations to form and participate in coalitions, keep in mind the values stated above, and encourage the inclusion of non-Federation practitioners and organizations
  • Developing guidelines for local coalitions to work successfully in the area of government relations.
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