Mission Statement

The Federation is a forum for dealing with differences and finding commonalities through communication and mutual support among its members.

This mission may be fulfilled in many ways including networking, sharing expertise, and creating programs that advance the field of touch and movement generally and the individual and collective goals of the member associations.

Values of the Federation

We are united by our fundamental values:

  • Professionalism. The Federation supports the continued development of high professional and educational standards.
  • Ethics. The Federation promotes the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • Mutual Support. The Federation advocates mutual support, cooperation among all member organizations, and respect for the diverse identities of their disciplines.
  • Right to Practice. The Federation supports each of the participating organizations members' right to practice.
  • Commitment to Service. The Federation is united in its commitment to serve society.
  • Trust. The Federation encourages honesty and open dialogue among its member organizations and their representatives, supported by the on-going process of nurturing trust.
  • Public education. The Federation supports and promotes public education about massage, bodywork, and somatic practices within the fields of health, wellness and education.
  • Accountability. In consideration of the consumers of massage, bodywork, and somatic practices, the Federation supports the educational and practice standards appropriate to each of these practices.
  • Global Perspective. The Federation supports worldwide acceptance and appreciation of therapeutic massage, bodywork and somatic practices.
Working Agreements Among Federation Members

We work cooperatively in a spirit of friendship, to support professionalism, and to mutually further the evolutionary growth of the therapeutic massage, bodywork, and somatic practice professions. Members of the Federation are equal partners who recognize and respect each other’s autonomous identity.

The Federation works cooperatively to eliminate situations in which an action that benefits one group harms another group.

The Federation operates by a "modified consensus" model, in which members seek common agreement as the basis for decisions and actions. The Federation may use polling and voting to determine direction, but does not take any action over the firm objection of any one or more member(s).

When voting, each member organization has one vote. Representatives reserve the right to defer decision-making until they are able to consult with their governing board.

The Federation meets at least once yearly, in the month of April, with additional meetings of the whole group or subgroups as needed. Meetings will be chaired by each organization in rotation. Each organization may send representatives as they see fit, and organization representatives shall be funded by their organizations to attend meetings. All other costs will be shared as agreed by member organizations.

Guests shall be invited upon agreement of the member organizations. Invitations will be offered or withdrawn by the Federation, and not by individual member organization.

Members agree to abide by the Federation Membership Criteria for as long as they remain members.

Members agree to openly disclose to the forum those new developments within their organizations that could potentially have an effect on the organization’s status and functioning in the Federation.

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