Shared Visions: A Statement of Federation

In 1991, non-profit membership organizations in the massage, bodywork and somatic practice field held an unprecedented meeting to support their individual disciplines while also strengthening their value as a collective group. The Federation was formed to carry out this new vision of mutual support and cooperation.

As equal partners, Federation associations recognize and respect each other's distinct identities. Each group of practitioners has unique intentions and methods in supporting the well-being of its clients, spanning a wide range of systems and philosophies, and including differences in educational requirements for training, scope of practice, and the environment in which the practitioner works. Some employ touch as a therapeutic service, some use touch as part of an educational process. Some focus on physical dimensions of wellness, some on energetic. Some are regulated by massage laws, others are not.

As much as they are different, these professional groups also have large areas of common interest. They all seek enhanced professionalism and desire to share resources for mutual benefit. Recognizing these major commonalties, the Federation organizations favor cooperation over competition in order to serve their members and their clients. Together, the Federation organizations can play a major role in the evolution of public wellness policy and practice.

By serving as a vehicle for building bridges and breaking down barriers between groups, the Federation will promote understanding, cooperation and respect between its member organizations.

Statement of Purpose

The Federation is a forum for building community and communication among nonprofit membership organizations representing massage, bodywork or somatic practices that allows us to be ready to respond to issues that affect our values.

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